Plainly put, Value of Simple delivers useful and actionable tools to people who need to simplify, organize, and be money wise.

With all the big questions we face – like how to handle relationships, why you achieve some goals but struggle with others, or how to declare you want more of less – wouldn’t it be better to put all the little questions to rest?

Little questions like how to best manage your day-to-day finances. Or how to convert a never ending schedule of craziness into a consistently calm environment. And maybe even where to get the skills to best organize your documents, information, and entire existence? All these little questions add stress … but they all have the same answer.


Value of Simple (VoS) starts with the understanding that we’re all seeking the same basic things:

  • More time to spend with family, friends, and by ourselves.
  • More money to ensure a better future.
  • More respect for who we are and the things we do.
  • Less stress from the fears and problems that trouble us before we fall asleep.

The Value of Simple DeclarationThe simplifying tools, organized direction, and personal finance playbook here will help you get those ‘basics.’ By answering life’s little questions, the inspiration and knowledge at VoS will give you the space to focus on the bigger questions. And maybe even answer some of them too.

I’m Joel Zaslofsky, the brains behind this operation. I live in Edina, Minnesota and my humble origins allow us to focus on a uniquely unconventional – but powerful – toolbox of skills and resources. This comes verbally with the Smart and Simple Matters show, in your online sanctuary called the Refuge of Simplicity, and many other forms.

If I can’t help you simplify, organize, and be money wise, then the insanely helpful community here can (and they’re more clever than I am).

If you’re new around here, thousands of people like you have taken a great first step by subscribing to the newsletter and tools that we collectively use. This also unlocks the Refuge of Simplicity where half of Experience Curating, The Personal User Guide, Spreadsheet Spotlights, The Value of Simple Declaration bonus images, and other grooviness resides.


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Through a set of guiding principles, you get a fresh and distinctive view into removing the barriers holding you back. Although I don’t address problems with personal development or productivity in mind, you might pick up a thing or two about them as well. Like how to easily subscribe to the site’s RSS feed.

If you’re looking for a typical simplicity, organization, or personal finance website, it’s not here. Success at Value of Simple isn’t found in shortcuts, tricks, or hacks. I’d rather help you develop the mindset to prepare for anything life throws your way instead.

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Making positive changes can be rough. That’s why I focus just on the topics I know about and teach the best.

Check out your personal road map to VoS if you want to know where to get started.

More About Joel

Joel Zaslofsky I have a story to tell. And not the ones about my dessert stealing spree in kindergarten or forging my mom’s signature on a report card.

I met my wife Melinda in college and moved back to Minnesota after graduating. I worked at a large financial firm for ten plus years which gave me some useful skills you’ll see flashed here. Various roles helped me develop my analytical side (I’m a numbers nerd with a Communications degree) and a creative side I didn’t know I had.

In April 2010, I started a personal renaissance the day Melinda told me “I’m pregnant”. I’ve since radically changed the way I eat, exercise, work, prioritize, organize, and think about the world.

This website isn’t about me though. It’s about helping you learn the value of simple and all the benefits that come with it.

SkydivingKeep in mind I’m just a regular guy without formal credentials. (I tried to get a certificate in simplicity, but I couldn’t find a program that offered it.) I’ve struggled with a lot in life. But the frequency and intensity of my struggles falls as the amount of simplicity grows.

My borderline obsession with learning also puts me in a great position to teach. If you already have the knowledge but don’t act on it, I’ll help you find the strength and motivation to take action.

Take the jump with me.

Let’s Connect

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Enjoy Value of Simple and poke around. There’s some schweet schtuff waiting for you.

Your partner in simplifying,


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