Commenting Policy

Did you just leave a comment on Value of Simple? Cool! Thanks for contributing to the community here.

Was that comment needlessly negative, intended to hurt someone’s feelings, destructive in nature, or otherwise unhelpful? If so, not cool. Not cool at all.

Here are the guidelines and rules you must agree to before commenting on Value of Simple. There’s a good chance your comment will be deleted or modified if you don’t.

  • Required Name: The name should be your personal one and not a corporate or fake one. Ditto for your email address and the optional website address.
  • Tone and Content: Comments are expected to be appropriate for people of all ages.
  • Useless or Malicious Comments: Don’t leave comments with SEO keywords, spam, inappropriate URLs or containing misleading information.
  • Rights of Moderation: Comments will be moderated and may be edited, deleted, or not published at the sole discretion of the person/people moderating them.
  • Private and Personal Information in the Body of the Comment: There will be an attempt to delete all email, physical mail, phone numbers, and any private and personal information posted in the body of any comment to protect the privacy of the commenter. Never share this private information within the blog comment.
  • Blocked Commenters: Anyone who violates the Commenting Policy may be blocked from future comments on this blog.  Someone found to be impersonating another person will definitely be blocked.
  • Hold Harmless: All comments within this blog are the responsibility of the commenter and not the blog owner, administrator, contributor, editor, or author.  By submitting a comment you agree that the comment content is your own.
  • You Will Not: Post material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, or embarrassing to any other person or entity.
  • If Your Comment Does Not Appear: If you leave a comment and it doesn’t appear in a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate these Comment Policies, you may contact me for an explanation.

To sum up these guidelines and rules in plain language, I expect a basic level of respect and civility. Disagreements and constructive criticism are OK, but profanity or abusive language is never OK.

Please use your discretion. If you’re not sure whether something is over the line, odds are it is (and you shouldn’t post your comment).

For all the good apples out there helping to make this a more useful community with your comments…thanks!

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