The Continuous Creation Challenge… Continues! (Plus, a Resource Kit and Dare)

Continuous Creation Challenge

You were soooo asking for it.

No, seriously. You were asking for it.

Chris, Lynn, Erin, Denise, Jessie and others.

So I’m giving it to you!

The Continuous Creation Challenge resource kit is here!

I Don’t Want You to Read This

I’ll be blunt.

Except for the part below about my graphic design challenge, I just want you to click this link and spend ten minutes checking out the resource kit.

Yes, discover the awesomeness of the CCC resource kit right now.

Get the planning guide and checklist at Continuous Creation Challenge HQ and explore the FAQs, experiences, community, and other grooviness.

Make your life something that happens by you, not to you with the tools right here.

Am I getting my point across yet?

My Challenge

The CCC is cool. It’s self-awareness raising.

And it allows the passion burning inside you for creative expression, freedom, simplicity, and experimentation to take hold, shake you by the shoulders, and scream:

“Yes! This is what being alive should feel like!”

But what the CCC doesn’t have yet is images that represent its schuper schweetness. We gotta make this CCC dealio look snazzy, people!

This is where you – the graphically inclined and/or amazing – potentially come in.

So here’s my challenge to you:

Create any of the following images for the Continuous Creation Challenge and I’ll proudly display the best – with trumpets blaring and a choir singing your praises to the high heavens – everywhere I can:

  • A square logo
  • A rectangular banner
  • A 3D book/product cover

You don’t need to be a pro graphic designer and you can absolutely contact me if you want to bounce ideas around before starting on something.

Continuous Creation ChallengeAlthough no money will exchange hands, I’ll happily promote the hell out of the winning images and you’ll happily enjoy praise from anyone who learns about or does a CCC.

Bonus points will be awarded if you create some potential CCC images during your own challenge (a cinch with the rockin’ planning resources).

So do you want to show us all how much you rock? Do you dare to get bold and inspired with some meaningful creation?

Then get crackin’ on something amazing to share with your fellow simplifiers, organizers, and money wisers!

OK, “money wisers” doesn’t work. But it’s fun to type.

Consume less, create more.

Your partner in simplifying,



P.S. I’ll be doing my own CCC this week from 8:00 pm tomorrow to about 4:00 pm on Friday. Then my in-laws are in town for the weekend, meaning my consuming over those five days will be anywhere from non-existent to minimal. Woot!

P.P.S. Why are you still reading this?! You should be looking at the CCC resource kit right now, planning your own CCC, or helping to spread the message about the resource kit! Geez. You’re stubborn.

Photo Credit: kozzmen

16 Responses to The Continuous Creation Challenge… Continues! (Plus, a Resource Kit and Dare)

  1. Shanna Mann says:

    Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this. The checklist is the bomb!

  2. Erin says:

    Yay! Finally! :)

    I’m so happy you’ve put together some guidelines for this crazy thing of yours, Joel. I know they’ll help other people experience the awesomeness of the CCC that you yourself know it can create. I hope tons of people take you up on the offer of a little planning help. Someday, I will!

    (P.S…Can I be part of the CCC G+ community if I haven’t done one yet??)

    • The G+ community is for people who like, support, have done, or are generally interested in the CCC. So join up to give and receive over at the Google+ Continuous Creation Challenge community because I/we would be happy to have you!

  3. David Delp says:

    I just requested to join the club, and I’m printing out the checklist, and planning guide. I’ll be doing my CCC in May so line up the water cups, I’m comin through soon enough.

    Thanks Joel,
    Your new buddy.

    • Giddy up, David! The planning resources aren’t formatted for printing, but I have a feeling a resourceful fella like you has a workaround for that. I’m excited to hear about how your CCC goes!

  4. Denise says:

    I love the checklist! And if I had any graphic design software, I would give the logo or banner a shot. I still paint the old fashioned messy way, not digitally.

    Enjoy your CCC this weekend :)

    • I can only hope to come up with an idea as cool as yours during the CCC you did last year (I’m talking about Peer Mindset). I’ve got my list of creations all ready to roll with enough spontaneous time built in to come up with something extra groovy. And hopefully someone with mad graphic design skillz wipes up something classy for us all so neither you or I need to think about it. :)

  5. Spreading the word to the image-artsy types out there. Looking forward to the result!

  6. Amit Amin says:

    I’ll join you.

    This time, I think, I’ll be getting a lot more done. This is gonna be fun!

    • Sweet! You’ll be the first person besides me to do a round #2 of the CCC. I’m highly interested in seeing how this experience compared to your first one, Amit. Especially if you use any of the planning tools I created this time around to bring some clarity – and perhaps discipline – to the process before it starts. Let me know if you’d like to inspire some more people with a recount of your experience once it’s done. Others have told me they read/heard about your original experience and it helps them set expectations for theirs.

      • Amit Amin says:

        It went much better. But I’m no fan of n=1 experiments, I’m going to do it again soon.

        Once that’s over, I’d be happy to share my experience, perhaps as a guest post. I should warn; however, that I had to change a lot of the rules in order to get it to work for me.

        I would say the biggest gain was that I found myself enjoying the creation process more. We’ll see if that happens again with the next run…

  7. Ethan says:

    Great job on this one! When I first heard about your CCC I thought that I could never do something like it myself. Now that you’ve given us the resource kit, it seems well within my reach!

    • Isn’t is cool that it’s our job to make the things that don’t seem possible seem… well… possible? I’m glad being able to hear me talk about the Continuous Creation Challenge and seeing the new resource kit made this real to you, Ethan.

  8. Sarah says:

    The checklist rocks, and as always, I love the “create your own adventure” vibe of it. I’m thinking of doing one of these challenges, but I know it would look very different than yours. Can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

    • By all means Sarah, choose your own adventure. Your CCC should look wildly different than mine do. Each person and each challenge is a snowflake. That uniqueness is part of the specialness.

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