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This page and the resource kit are intended to explain what the Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC) is, why it exists, how it works, and the context of the tools and community surrounding the challenge.

The Nutshell: A Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC) is a period of time where you shift all your energy from the many forms of consumption into channeled creation. There’s huge flexibility in your planning and doing of the Continuous Creation Challenge – including how long, when, what projects to create, and what consumption to eliminate – but it’s disruptive enough to open your eyes on what could be possible.

In other words, it turns your experiences into things that happen by you instead of to you.

The Origin Story: I used to spend most of my time consuming (serious bummer, I know). So I decided to experiment with non-stop creation for seventy-two hours in April 2012 and it blew my freakin’ mind.

Then, in September 2012, I roped other people into trying their own version of a Continuous Creation Challenge. They reported that it was self-awareness raising, inspiring, invigorating, unsettling (in a good way), and other groovy things. It was then I knew this CCC thing had legs and that other people should or needed to do it… for their benefit and to help everyone else around them.

Click here to read the full origin story.

How This Works (Overview): If you’d rather hear me talk about how this works, check out my podcast dedicated to the CCC.

Please just keep in mind that there’s no “right” way to do a Continuous Creation Challenge. You don’t have to and probably shouldn’t do it the way that I do or that anyone else does. This rough blueprint is intended for you to take and convert into a unique experience of your own.

A complete look into how this works is found in the planning guide and checklist discussed in a moment.

  1. Plan Creative Projects and/or Be Spontaneous: Round up all the projects you’d love to work or never seem to get to and let them fuel your CCC. This could include writing, speaking, cooking, peace and quiet, art, new relationships, or awesome spreadsheets. Alternatively, be partially or completely spontaneous with what you create.
  2. Choose the Types of Consumption to Eliminate: Pick from your typical forms of consumption and get intentional about which ones to eliminate for part or all of your CCC. This could include reading, food, watching things that require electricity, listening (e.g. music, podcasts, or the radio), playing (e.g. video games), searching or browsing, errands and non-essential chores (as you define them), social events, or non-essential communication. Just honor your needs and keep it safe!
  3. Pick a Length of Time: The minimum recommended length is twelve hours – to ensure this feels somewhat challenging and disruptive – but you could go much longer if you wanted.  This is totally up to you and based on how flexible your lifestyle is and how ambitious your creative goals are.
  4. Plan the Specific Day(s) You’ll Do It: There are many variables for this decision and each is discussed in detail in the planning guide and checklist.

Click here to see examples of how other people have done their CCC. There are also groovy FAQs found here.

The Resource Kit and Road Map

These resources were intended to complement each other, but most people don’t need them all. Choose the tools or community engagement that resonates with you and focus on those.

The Planning Process

There are two main resources for planning your own Continuous Creation Challenge. The planning guide is designed for people who like to type up their plans while the checklist is intended for folks who like to make decisions based on a template. Most people just use one or the other, but you may surprise yourself by enjoying both tools.

The Planning Guide: Word format or PDF format

The Complete Checklist: Word format or PDF format

There are answers to frequently asked questions if you want those too.

The CCC Experience Review

Everybody’s Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC) is different. That’s part of the fun and beauty of this gift to yourself and everyone else. Check out what other people’s experiences with the Continuous Creation Challenge looked like or felt like so that you can get inspired too.

Do you want to share your CCC experience? I’d love to hear your story and potentially feature it on Value of Simple (with your permission).

More Resources

How to Get Others Involved

There are many ways to help others understand and undertake their own CCC. Here are some of the best:

Thanks for your help!

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