5 Things You Need to Know About

My friends are doing many awesome things lately.

In fact, I feel compelled to share five of them with you because they might be just what you need.

So I’ve curated a short-list of the projects – and people – that could help you further simplify, organize, and be money wise.

Here’s the grooviness that’s worth your time and attention:

Riskology.co – Helping People Practice Smart Risks and Thrive in an Uncertain World


My buddy Tyler Tervooren just rebranded from Advanced Riskology to Riskology.co. What’s truly noteworthy is a redesign that makes my inner minimalist drool with pleasure.

Tyler has been kicking butt for a long time – especially with The Bootstrapper Guild (of which I’ve been a member of for two years) – but his new resources are something to behold.

Check out his new risk test to assess your money habits and find the small changes that can lead to serious momentum.

Mini-Missions for Simplicity – Small Habits for Big Change

Mini-Missions for Simplicity

Courtney Carver has always been there to help me get really deep into simplifying. She’s also been a gentle and consistent push when I seemingly need it the most.

So when Courtney recently published yet another outstanding book – mini-missions for simplicity – I just about jumped for joy. If you like small commitments for big-time results, let Courtney and her co-creators show you the way.

Live Your Legend Events … in Every City

Live Your Legend

Have you ever wished that you could do the work you love and surround yourself with the passionate people that empower it?

I used to … before I turned that wish into reality with my pal Scott Dinsmore’s help. And now Scott’s making changing the world even easier with resources to host local Live Your Legend events in your community.

I’ve already co-hosted two LYL events in the Twin Cities, and, the connections I’ve made? Wowzers! I strongly recommend you get in on the action, too.

Romper – A Magazine with Heart (and on a Mission)

Romper Magazine

Imagine reading a blog and then instantly thinking, “Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner?!” Brooke McAlary’s Slow Your Home website has that effect on people.

She’s a more recent friend, but her influence has spread over me and many other people like PB&J sandwich. That’s why I suggest you get in at the ground level with her newest creation: Romper.

The first issue features Jeff Goins teaching how to slow your life down, Leo Babauta doing his typical amazing Zen Habits thing, and Donna Abbate explaining the benefits of mindfulness.

Even if you don’t read Romper, read Brooke’s articles like “Gradually, Then Suddenly.” You won’t be disappointed.

Tiny Services from Your Cloud Coach

Cloud Coach Tiny Services

“Don’t waste one more minute on that tech issue. I’ll take care of it for you.” – Ethan Waldman

Anyone who uses WordPress, email, or does business online – you know, most of the world – could use Ethan’s help.

He just launched his Tiny Services so that you could benefit from his mad tech skills with as little work and commitment as possible.

I’ve seen this fella in action and he runs circles around me. Simply put, I’d rather let Ethan solve my problems in minutes instead of spending hours on fruitless Google searches and useless “how-to” resources.

So … What’s Shaking with You?

Now you know some of the new ways my friends can help you simplify, organize, and be money wise. But I bet you’re working on some awesome projects, too.

What are you crankin’ away on that you’d like to share? Your grooviness deserves to be recognized too!

So write about it in the comments or use the “Send Voicemail” feature on the right of this page. People need to know your value as well!

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