How 3 Insightful Chats Will Stretch You for More Awesomeness (or Why We Should Talk)

I’ve been excited for answers to questions like these for a while.

If I invited you to join me and up to eight other awesome people to chat for an hour about simplifying, organizing, or personal finance… would you come?

Would you experience the magic if the environment was comfortable, intimate, and your beverage was guaranteed to be something you like?

Would you join me and these other amazing folks if laughs, sharing insight, and walking away a better person was a near certainty?

If your answer is “Oh, heck yes!” then you’ll love this latest experiment from the Value of Simple Labs.

Introducing: Themed Chats with Awesome People

Besides wanting to help you one-on-one, I’ve been thinking about talking to amazing people like you in a private Google Hangout.

There would be a different theme for each chat, no strings attached, and no cost. Just awesome folks sharing stories, tips, and awareness about a topic that everyone else found groovy.

Now I’m not thinking about it anymore. I’m doing it.

I’d be honored if you joined me and an intimate group of several others sometime in the next month!

These Google Hangouts could become a regular thing if everyone benefits as much as I believe they will. But it’s just a short experiment at the moment.

That means you should get in on this now if it sounds even moderately cool.

(I also have instructions on how to hang out with me to make it easy on ya.)

Introverts, counter-cultural rebels, and anyone else is welcome! Respect for others, a helping attitude, and an appreciation for different viewpoints is required.

Here’s the line-up of chats I’ve initially scheduled.

Simplicity Chat

All the simplicity statements in The Value of Simple Declaration, all my articles and podcasts on simplifying, anything that you can think of that’s remotely related to making life simple… it’s all fair game.

  • Where: Google Hangouts
  • When: Thursday, May 9th from 3:00 pm CST – 4:00 pm CST
  • Who: You, me, and up to eight other simplicity seekers

Click here to get an invite for this chat.

Personal Finance Chat

From rockin’ the unsexy side of Daily Money Management to talking about investing – and everything in between – this chat is for folks looking to become more money wise.

  • Where: Google Hangouts
  • When: Friday, May 17th from 9:30 am CST – 10:30 am CST
  • Who: You, me, and up to eight other personal finance enthusiasts

Click here to get an invite for this chat.

Organizing Chat

Want to explore curating, spreadsheets, the world of Professional Organizers, or anything else (except organizing your shoe closet)? This chat is for people who see turmoil coming and shout, “Take this, chaos!”

  • Where: Google Hangouts
  • When: Tuesday, June 4th from 3:00 pm CST – 4:00 pm CST
  • Who: You, me, and up to eight other heroes over chaos

Click here to get an invite for this chat.

Frequently Anticipated Questions

I’m trying to anticipate questions about these themed chats. So please click here to see if your question is addressed. If your question, concern, or issue isn’t addressed, leave a comment and let me know what’s on your mind.

One Hour of Awesomeness

All that’s left is your decision: will you carve out an hour to help, be helped, and expand your awareness of what’s possible?

We’re looking forward to seeing you, enjoying a beverage together, and rockin’ at one of these chats:

It’s just one more experiment and one more way to help you liberate your time, money, and talent.

Are you in?

Your Turn

What other themed chats would you like me to host (e.g. curating, spreadsheets, practicing dying)?

What obstacles do you need to overcome so that you’ll be able to attend one of these chats?

Photo Credit: origami_potato
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