Your Real Simple Solution to Avoid the Demise for Value of Simple

Scary headline, huh?

Apparently, I’m supposed to warn you that if you don’t sign up to receive my new blog posts via email, then Value of Simple will disappear (for you at least).

Allegedly, it’s my sole responsibility to ensure anyone using Google Reader and getting my content via RSS switches to a new RSS reader before Google kills Reader on July 1st.

But I don’t believe all that.

So I intentionally waited for the hysteria to calm down before publishing this post. However, the flourishing or demise of Value of Simple really is in your hands.

And I’d hate for Value of Simple to vanish for you on July 1st when Google Reader is retired. And even if you don’t use Google Reader or RSS, this article has something to offer.

So consider this your guide to avoiding a personal death for Value of Simple and maximizing the resources of this site.

First, the Scary Part

The stats don’t lie:

  • 1.4% of Value of Simple RSS subscribers get my content in their email box
  • 75% of Value of Simple RSS subscribers get my content via Google Reader or iGoogle

For Google Reader subscribers, July 1st is your deadline to select a new method of getting my stuff before I disappear to you. For iGoogle subscribers, November 1st is your deadline.

You could easily get all my content in your email box via Feedburner in ten seconds by clicking here.

And if you’re one of the people getting just the Smart and Simple Matters specific RSS feed, you can get that in your email box too in ten seconds by clicking here.

What to Do

Most people will advise you to switch to Feedly for your RSS needs once Google Reader is dead. I’d say give them a shot.

I don’t like Feedly as much as Google Reader, but it’s better than the alternatives I’ve tried.

So here are some simple actions you can take right now to keep the good times a-comin':

  • Go here to read about using Google Takeout to liberate your Google Reader RSS data and import somewhere else
  • Click here to get Value of Simple content via email
  • Click here to get Smart and Simple Matters content via email

While You’re At It…

There’s much more to Value of Simple than RSS and the blog posts. If you aren’t subscribed to the Refuge of Simplicity and/or Smart and Simple Matters, I’m rolling out the welcome mat for you!

Here’s how to get all the awesome stuff from me.

Smart and Simple Matters

I have a groovy podcast.

Most of the time I interview amazing guests, but every once in a while, I go solo for a Joel jam session.

Either way, this is my personal invitation to you to subscribe. You don’t have to listen to every episode. Just treat my podcast like you do anything else I create (gobble up the good stuff and leave the rest for someone else).

I’d love to give your ears some awesomeness while you work out, walk the doggies, commute, make dinner, or are wandering around the world. It’s painless… and I’m worth a shot, right?

The Refuge of Simplicity and the Newsletter

If you’re only getting blog posts and/or podcasts from me, you’re missing out on some of my best stuff.

My newsletter is seriously useful according to some pretty awesome people.

And it doubles as your entry point to the Refuge of Simplicity. I mean, how freakin’ schweet is that?!

If you’ve ever appreciated a blog post or podcast from me, give my newsletter a shot. If it turns out it’s not your thing, unsubscribing takes two seconds.

So how about giving me a shot?


Enter Your First Name and Email Below and Click


Bottom line: However and whenever you read, listen, or watch something I create… thank you!

Value of Simple, Smart and Simple Matters, and anything else I create means nothing with you.

Keep rockin’ it and becoming more simplified, organized, and money wise!

P.S. Which awesome subscription did you just add? And what subscription at Value of Simple do you wish you could have but isn’t offered yet?

Photo Credit: jumpinjimmyjava
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  1. Denise says:

    I’m on your email list, but I also have you on bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ isn’t exactly RSS, though. It’s just a place to organize all the blogs you read and stay updated. I haven’t tried feedly yet, but that’s what most people I know are switching to. Still quite don’t understand why Google Reader is going away, though.

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