The Digital Launch Playbook is Launched! (Plus a Free Download Contest)

The Digital Launch Playbook

“Six continents.

Twenty-eight countries.

Sixty-seven cities.

And more than 59,000 miles!

You battled tirelessly. And after all that hard work, you are the winner of…”

If you’re a contestant on the TV show The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan (the host) ends that sentence with, “The Amazing Race!”

But you and I will never be on a show called “The Amazing Race.” We’ll just be in an amazing race at various points in our lives.

It could be a daily race to get the kids to school or an annual race to get invitations out for a birthday party. Perhaps it’s an insane race to finish a project before your window permanently closes. You know, like writing that time-sensitive eBook or planning your wedding.

I can’t help you plan your wedding – and stop me if I ever try – but I can help you write that eBook.

I can help you with digital projects that you’re already working on or are still a distant dream.

Online coaching, consulting, speaking, event hosting, micro-magazine, or monthly subscription service? I gotcha covered.

Digital books, audio series, instructional videos, phone apps, online platforms, and websites? I gotcha covered.

The Digital Launch Playbook just finished its own amazing race! And now I can help you make your journey to an awesome finish possible.

The Digital Launch Back Story

Read the announcement post introducing The Digital Launch Playbook if you like, but I tell ya what. This has been a wild ride!

Empowering myself to achieve cyberspace awesomeness and then creating a resource for other people to build their digital dream project wasn’t easy.

But it was fun. It was full of purpose. Filled with the meaning that I was working on a product that would enable the launch and success of so many other digital projects.

Often all the stuff that goes into an online project launch isn’t simple. There are complex calculations to make about where your time, energy, and other resources are best spent.

I know this all too well. So if a digital project were The Amazing Race, the math would look like this:

  • Six continents = The milestones you pass in getting your big idea into the world. Milestones like validating the concept, a working first draft, a pre-launch or pre-selling period, the big launch (woohoo!), and settling into business as usual.
  • Twenty-eight countries = All the main task categories you want or have to do at some point. Those include marketing, community involvement, idea generation, content creation, sales, digital infrastructure, distribution, testing, security, and strategy (just to name a few).
  • Sixty-seven cities = All the sub-categories of tasks under these bigger categories. Stuff like customer service, surveys, advertising, graphic design, website development, payment processes, outreach…sometimes it seems endless.
  • 59,000 miles = The raw energy, money, time, and resources you invest in the project. All the emails, logistics, hours spent writing or editing, and conversations with friends and peers. Each micro-action has the potential to be a horrifying, thrilling, depressing, and stimulating little thing that gets you to the finish line (hopefully in one physical and mental piece).

I created The Digital Launch Playbook with all this in mind.

For the novice who needs help to understand how a digital project team works together. For the intermediate launcher who has done “OK” in the past and wants to be big-time now. For the advanced pro who wants to maximize every drop of uberness from their launch…and a pre-launch and post-launch too.

To all these people I say, “Let’s freakin’ do this!

A Promise…

I’m making a lot of promises with The Digital Launch Playbook.

I promised myself no more digital projects without a logical sequence of events from concept to post-launch. No more hunting for a hundred different resources with all the tasks categories and sub-categories I could or should do.

And no more lack of a template for starting, finishing, and capturing the best practices for hundreds of tasks.

Our projects are supposed to be enjoyable, right? Whether it’s a hobby or you’re trying to make a dollar, it shouldn’t feel like you’re getting dragged through the mud all the time.

So huge digital project problems had to be solved in a unique way by:

  • Hundreds of logical, sequential steps (common and uncommon) all in one place for rockin’ any digital launch
  • Simple task names, descriptions, and categories prepopulated to save massive time
  • Skillfully curated best practices for tasks from launch pros, expert tacticians, and others who have “Been there, done that.”
  • Slicing-and-dicing steps by system, process, and the people involved…right down to the day it should get cranked out. So long blind spots!
  • A concise, action-packed game plan to sort, filter, export, share, and access your project from anywhere you can open a spreadsheet (i.e. everywhere)
  • A new system and fresh skills for repeatable success so our “A-Ha” moments can be taken on at any time
Note: There was a clever 1980s one-hit-wonder band and song reference in there.

But what does all this mean? Because no tool’s doing the dirty work for us.

You know that feeling that you can’t throw enough hours, dollars, and help from above to successfully launch your big deal? It’s a total buzz kill.

Let’s get rid of that feeling.

Let’s get rid of other feelings and obstacles to project accolades and income.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel jazzed about my marketing and sales process!

I want to know how to and when to use beta-testers, split-testing resources, and security testing for my package of grooviness.

I need to delight people with my customer service and invisible, solid digital infrastructure (so unsexy, but so worth it).

And can I please pull off a pre-launch or post-launch, some polished planning and strategy, rewarding content creation, and steps that generate repeat customers?


As I say on The Digital Launch Playbook sales page, let’s leave the gun-slinging to the big-screen heroes. We don’t need anyone shooting from the hip in your launch.

Want to see and hear more? Click play on the quick two minute video explaining TDLP.

Can’t see the video or you’re reading this via RSS or email? Click here to view this on Value of Simple

…And a Promotion

Not everybody can afford The Digital Launch Playbook. So I’ll come up with periodic contests and scholarships to get it into deserving hands.

And why not start today? Launch day seems like the perfect time to get two people a free download of TDLP.

So here’s the deal. Answer the question below in a comment on this post by 6:00 pm CST on Friday, March 29th. I’ll select two people with the best response for a free copy of TDLP.

How would your life improve if you had a single resource that could guide every aspect of your digital project success?

Man, am I excited to see your responses!


Thank you to those who are taking part in our launch excitement by sharing this post or links to anything related to TDLP!

It’s awesome when you have a hand in someone downloading the product and then rocking their projects with it!

I couldn’t do this without the support of our community. You make working so damn hard worth it.

Thanks for helping folks continue to have a simplified, organized, and money wise existence!


P.S. Amit Amin from HappierHuman created a fantastic companion product for TDLP called Keep Your Product Launch on Track. I’ve mentioned Amit on Value of Simple or social media many times and what he’s done with this free bonus product rocks my world (and maybe yours)!

For more details about Keep Your Product Launch on Track, check out the TDLP FAQ or see the glorious details on the sales page. If you want to see what else Amit is up to (and you should), head over to HappierHuman or follow him on Twitter @HappierHuman.

P.P.S. Thanks to Joshua Lundquist for doing the graphic design on the TDLP images! If you dig his style, pay Josh a visit on Twitter @lundquistjoshua.

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14 Responses to The Digital Launch Playbook is Launched! (Plus a Free Download Contest)

  1. I’ve struggled through a product launch before, and it was not what I hoped it would be. Fantastic news to know that all these details are brought together in one place. It’s so much more helpful than all of the scrounging and guessing that I had to do!

    Looks great, Joel!

    • Scrounging and guessing are two of my least favorite things, Michael. But smart and intentional aggregating plus knowing for certain are two of my most favorite things. It’s nice to be able to put those things to work for everyone else!

  2. Shanna Mann says:

    I really hate launching. I know it’s not realistic, but I just want to put my stuff out in the world and avoid all the rigamarole.

    That said, I think your spreadsheet would help, because at one glance, I could see everything I *could* be doing, and quickly get on top of the ones I actually *felt* like doing. No muss, no fuss.

    That’s an amazing video, btw!

    • Shanna, if the rest of the world agreed that launches and marketing weren’t necessary, I’d sign up for that too. But in a landscape where we’re competing for attention, sometimes you just have to play ball (even if you don’t particularly like the game).

      Thanks for hitting on one of the coolest things about The Digital Launch Playbook. Nobody is going to do every task in the spreadsheet, but being able to quickly see would you could do and then – with intention and strategy – decide which ones you should do is kinda freakin’ rad. I did about half the tasks in my own playbook to launch TDLP and even that seemed like a lot! But this is intended to scale with the time, scope, and budget we each have for our online projects. I just don’t want people missing crucial steps because they had this giant blind spot (like I used to have).

      BTW, I’m glad you enjoyed the video. It took a while, but it was kind of fun to write the script, pick the pictures, and determine how to make a spreadsheet look schweet. :)

  3. Ethan says:

    As my grandmother frequently says to me: “I am so, SO proud of you”

    Way to go, Joel! I love your intro video– you clearly have this launch nailed down. I have no doubt that the product will be top notch.

    I’ve done two launches in my internet career, and neither one turned out quite how I wanted it to. I think this product could really be the turning point… I can’t wait to check it out!

    • Thanks for channeling your inner grandma, Ethan. Do you think I could get an email or phone call from her telling me that she is “So, so proud of me” too? I doubt she’d say that over The Digital Launch Playbook, but perhaps you can tell me what else I could do to make that happen. 😉

      I’m looking forward to supporting you in launch #3 whenever that occurs and in whatever format it happens to take.

  4. Erin says:

    Taaaaaake ooooooooon meeeeeeee! (Was that the 80s song reference? If not, well…that’s what’s stuck in my head now :)

    Woot! I’m so excited TDLP is making its debut to the world! Master spreadsheet dude + amazing curating guy + committed-to-awesomeness man cannot help but = something super useful and complete. Congratulations!

    How would my life improve if I had a single resource that could guide every aspect of my digital project success? Well, as someone who abhors nitty-gritty research, I’d save myself a TON of stress not having to sort through all the different perspectives and hours of time I wouldn’t have to waste combing the internet for best practices. For starters!

    • You’re in good company when you say you feel stress at having to do tons of research and abhor the time it takes to do all of it. I know lots of people who think that (even if I’m not one of them). It’s nice to surround yourself with people who do the things you don’t want to do or can’t do…and perform them with a smile, right? I just so happen to love curating in spreadsheets and leveraging them for my own benefit or to help everyone else I touch. Other people love being idea architects and transforming words into something beautiful. That’s not me, but I enjoy knowing someone who is passionate about those things. :)

      *Spoiler alert on the song reference everyone*

      You nailed it, Erin! Turns out I should have made the song reference tougher or more obscure.

  5. Denise says:

    I love the idea of this because I’ve toyed with the idea of writing an ebook or launching a product and the thought is just overwhelming. I don’t have something specific I’m about to launch right now, but I know this would be useful if I did.

    I’ll be sure to help spread the word :)

    • Hey Denise,

      I didn’t design the playbook for people who had a general sense that they wanted to do something, ya know, sometime soonish. After all, paying $47 (and in the near future $67) for a specific resource that you may or not use – or get the most from if you do use it – isn’t an appealing proposition to most folks. But as I mentioned in this post and on the sales page, just being able to see what you would, could, or should do if/when you do create a big project online is a stress reliever. And it can be a catalyst for actually starting that “thing” that you’ve been wanting to do for a while because now you know what small steps to take on your path to a launch.

      Thanks for helping to spread the word about TDLP! I can guarantee that I’ll do the same for you whenever your “thing” is born and in whatever format it takes.

  6. Amit Amin says:

    Woot! I’m glad to be a part of such a great product. It’s already a great value, and with your velocity, I’m sure it’ll be even better in a few months.

    • I’m not one to create something big and then never come back to polish it up. So yes, Amit, this will be even better down the road. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting it right now so they can take immediate action on their dream project (and take advantage of the current price). 😉

      Everyone: in case you’re reading this comment and didn’t see the P.S. in the blog post, please go back up and read that P.S. so you know Amit’s name and the awesomeness he’s capable of.

  7. Sarah says:

    I thought the song reference was super clever… “…our A-Ha moments can be *taken on* at any time.” A punster after my own heart.

    Anyway, I’m sooooooooooooo excited for the Digital Launch Playbook because despite having been a launch project manager a few times around, I actually am really terrible at the nitty gritty detail stuff. I feel like having a reference to fall back on will take some of the pressure off of me so when I launch my own stuff (hopefully soon!) I can focus on the parts that are my strengths.

    Rock on with the creating awesome products, Joel!

    • Rock on indeed! I could use some help rockin’ on with my marketing though. Perhaps you could contribute some best practices to the existing marketing tasks in TDLP or add a couple of your own. I’d cite “Oh My Goshman!” in the playbook with whatever you’d like to add ya know.

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