Welcome Miss Minimalist Reader!

Jump for Joy

I’m jumping for joy that you’ve joined me here!

Just for you, I’ve curated some resources that I think you’ll like as a Miss Minimalist reader. But many of the best tools that I and thousands of others use are unlocked in the Refuge of Simplicity. You can get instant access to these free tools – like The Personal User Guide, Spreadsheet Spotlights, and more – with just a first name and valid email address below.


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There’s also more to explore like a:

But since you enjoyed my stuff on Miss Minimalist, you’ll probably dig these too:

Dive into these hand-picked resources and please stick around to simplify, organize, and be money wise.

Your partner in simplifying,


P.S. You might want to spend a few moments reading my complete Personal User Guide if you want to know what makes me tick. You could also join me and the rest of the awesome Value of Simple community on Twitter, Google+, iTunes, or Facebook!


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