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Joel ZaslofskyWell, hello there. And welcome!

I’m Joel Zaslofsky, the guy behind Value of Simple, the Smart and Simple Matters show, Experience Curating, SimpleREV, and a whole lot more. That beautiful lady next to me is my wife Melinda (a.k.a. the reason this website exists).

If you’re new here, you’re probably wondering if this place could be valuable. It can be overwhelming exploring a new website to find out how and why you might be helped, right? Not here.

Consider this page your express pass to discover why our growing community could be right for you.

The Big Questions Answered

Maybe you’re like me when you get to a new website. You quickly think, “Who runs this, why am I here, and what’s unique about this that I couldn’t get somewhere else?”

The who and what are covered on the About page where you can learn more about what’s in it for you if you stick around to become more intentional, experience deep gratitude and contentment, or appreciate life’s unsexy side.

You’ll also want to check out my story and The Value of Simple Declaration if you need to understand why I’m so dang passionate about helping you simplify, organize, and be money wise.

This refuge of simplicity offers something rarely found in the era of niche websites: a holistic view of our struggles and specific steps to master the challenges life throws at you. We cover topics like simple living, organizing your experiences in curated spreadsheets, relationships (human or otherwise), and finding your big reason “why.”

But the undercurrent always pulls us back to simplifying; your main tool to have more time, influence, or respect … and less stress, scarcity, or regret.

I’m Excited You’re Here!

My mission is to freely give away my best ideas, resources, and skills, which I do through a mix of podcast episodes, blog posts, images, and videos.

I’m confident you’ll dig the current content here and all the grooviness that’s yet to come.

What to Do First

Here’s a carefully curated short list of our best and most influential stuff. These resources have been confirmed by the community to be useful, actionable, and often charming or entertaining.

Most Popular

The Value of Simple Declaration

Our Philosophy and Principles




Relationships with Money

Interested in More?

The simplest way to keep track of all things Value of Simple is the RSS feed. But some of my best stuff comes exclusively with your free subscription to our newsletter. You can join the crew in seconds with just a first name and email address:


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One more thing. Contact me if you don’t see something you need. Now, I’ll leave you with pictures of the behind-the-scenes team that helps run this great community. Meet Lucia the Samoyed and Emsky and Golden Retriever.

Samoyed Golden Retriever

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